Guidance and Counseling Service​

Guidance and Counseling Service is one of the main services offered by Wifaq Center through the Guidance Section of the Consulting Department. It is provided according to the latest scientific theories and the latest professional recommendations and practices. The service aims to support the target groups to help them positively cope with pressures of life and how to deal with them. ​

It includes the following areas:

  • Development​al consultations
  • Social consultations.
  • Psychological consultations
  • Educational consultations.
  • Legal advice
  • Sharia consultations

The customer can request service through three means:

  • Direct consultation (personal attendance at the center) provided through the Guidance Section.
  • Phone consultations, which are provided through the Remote Consulting Department
  • Online consultations (through Wifaq e-mail and the accounts on social networking sites) by answering all questions and inquiries to directed to the Center.​

The service is provided by a professional team of specialized counselors and consultants who follow up the implementation of the treatment plans; apply the psychological and behavioral tests that may be required by the diagnosis and draw up the treatment plan which is done through the Tests and Measurements Department that is a specialized department to apply psychological tests and measurements of all types (personality - mental abilities - Diagnosis of mental and behavioral disorders - projection - trends and tendencies - learning problems - and others) for the target groups with a view to provide a diagnosis and treatment of cases accurately and objectively and analyze those results to help family counselors and consultants at Wifaq Center in the provision of their services, and the development of guidance and treatment recommendations to those targeted cases through psychological examination or evaluation reports.

Furthermore, the Guidance and Counseling Service provides cognitive and behavioral therapy to clients in order to provide them with behavioral skills that enhance marital compatibility and family understanding.​​​​​