Family Sciences Sources Service 

The Family Sciences Sources Service is provided through the Library of the Family Consulting Center (Wifaq), which was established in 2007 to be the first scientific reference in the Qatari society in the field of family sciences, including books, references and CDs in the social, psychological, educational, religious, human developmental fields and so on. The service covers all the interests of the employees of the center and the general public of all family members, specialists and researchers.

The library's mission is primarily to support the performance and enhancement of the skills of the Center's staff and the public beneficiaries, and to provide them with the most up-to-date information sources, regardless of their types. It also processes, organizes and arranges the order of such sources and sends them to the beneficiaries. This is in addition to other library services provided according to a methodology based on library specifications and modern practices, in addition to activating cooperation and exchange of experiences and information with other specialized libraries. Moreover, the library is keen on the ongoing update by visiting specialized sites and book fairs in order to obtain the latest materials, books, and references in the relevant fields.

In its pursuit to instill a culture of reading among children, the Family Consulting Center Library provides an attractive corner for children, including a collection of books and educational materials.

Library’s Services:

  • Book Loan Service provided to the Center's staff, researchers and those interested in all fields of family sciences.
  • Educational Support Service by helping university and postgraduate students to complete the requirements of scientific research.
  • Educational Support Service by helping School students to complete the requirements of scientific research and community service hours.
  • The Beautiful Story Program, which aims to instill a culture of reading among children. The program targets children of Wifaq staff as well as children from outside the center in cooperation with kindergartens in Qatar.
  • Periodic Publication Service
  • Printing, photography and the Internet
  • Wifaq’s Publications Marketing Service